Color photo of Mauricio Uribe

Hi, my name is Mauricio Uribe, though online I often go by the initialism of mxu (or m.x.uribe, or just mxuribe). I'm a technology professional, digital philosopher, enthusiast of silliness... I design, build, and manage digital products and platforms, and help people and organizations tap into emerging technologies. mxuribe.com is my place on the web.


This is what else I'm doing nowadays:

  • Helping my offspring prepare for university. 😨
  • Working for a maker of nutritional (as well as health and hygiene) products
  • Listening to numerous podcasts, mostly related to Linux and free/libre/open source software
  • Writing lots more than in the past (though mostly private essays)
  • Trying to be less of a hermit, and engage with my fellow humans in real life


Some thoughts swirling around in my brain:

  • There should be more promotion of spark files - which are simple (text) files that store a person's wishes, dreams, and especially half-baked ideas
  • Why aren't residential ISPs offering services that cater to self-hosters? Maybe not (yet) a big market, but if ISPs catered to this market, we'd have many more decentralized services running on the internet from homelabbers' computers. (Ok, email won't work so great due to pre-banned residential IP addresses, but still other stuff could work.)

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