Color photo of Mauricio Uribe

Hi, my name is Mauricio Uribe, though online I often go by the initialism of mxu (or m.x.uribe, or just mxuribe). I'm a technology professional, digital philosopher, enthusiast of silliness... I design and build digital products, and help people and organizations tap into emerging technologies. is my place on the web.


This is what else I'm doing nowadays:

  • Helping my offspring get into university. 😨
  • Working for a maker of hygiene, health and nutritional products
  • Working for a maker of chocolates and other delicious confections
  • Learning about the matrix protocol by building little applications (more like glorified scripts) for myself
  • Listening to numerous podcasts, mostly related to Linux and free/libre/open source software
  • Trying to be less of a hermit, and engage with my fellow humans in real life

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